Rubber Band Ligation

The majority of haemorrhoids are treated with Rubber Band Ligation.

The treatment is especially appropriate for larger haemorrhoids and neither general nor local anaesthetic is required, as there are no nerve fibres in the lower bowel lining. Over 90% of haemorrhoids can be treated comfortably by this technique. Rubber bands are placed around the haemorrhoid to constrict the blood supply and cause the haemorrhoid to separate from its attachment to the bowel wall. The dead tissue separates over the next few days and, together with the rubber bands, is passed with the bowel motion. There is just a 10% chance of needing to repeat the procedure. Banding is often combined with injection of Phenol in almond oil at the same time to minimise the risk of bleeding following the procedure. This is carried out in the consultation clinic (or when sedated for another procedure such as colonoscopy, if indicated); there are no nerve fibres for pain sensation in the lower rectal lining (just above the normally sensitive anal skin, hence the ease of the technique in experienced hands when carried out in the clinic)

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