Hernia Repair

Open Hernia Repair

An incision is made at the site where the hernia is located. The intestine or tissue within the hernial sac is placed back into the abdominal cavity and repaired either by sewing the abdominal wall back together with sutures or a patch repair is performed. In this repair a mesh patch is used to overlap the defected area. This patch will grow naturally into the body tissue to strengthen the area.


Laparoscopic Hernia Repair

In a laparoscopic hernia repair, a series of small incisions are made and a small camera-mounted tube is inserted into the abdomen to help guide the surgeon. This camera projects an image of the hernia onto a large screen which is used as a guide during the procedure.

The protruding hernia and its contents are returned to the abdominal cavity and a sheet of mesh is inserted to mend the defect and weakness of the muscles. The mesh is secured in position with tiny staples or tacks.

The advantage of this surgery compared to open hernia repair is that only small incisions are made, which results in a quicker recovery time and less pain for the patient.

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