GP Information

Sydney Colorectal Associates understands prompt access to our services is most important to you.

Our goal is to deliver diagnostic services tailored to your requirements and to most effectively assist your patients.

We are constantly monitoring our services to ensure you and your patients receive comprehensive and optimal care. We appreciate your referral and are available for one-to-one discussion as required.

Please call our designated GP lines if you need to discuss a patient, or if your patient requires a more urgent appointment. For our Randwick-based surgeons please call 8566 1002, or for our Hurstville-based surgeons please call 8566 1003.

To download a SCA referral form for doctors at Randwick click here. To download a SCA referral form for doctors at all other locations click here.


General Enquiries

02 8566 1000

Randwick Rooms

02 9099 4400